About Us

We believe in the democratization of know-how. We aim to develop a comprehensive library with practical information about HR Best Practices.

If you are tired of reading & listening to high level content which makes you wonder: How do I actually apply this in my company? then you are in the right place. 

Developed By Consultants With Hands-on Experience

This Library is the result of our effort to compile an HR Reports, Analysis & KPI Catalogue.

A tool designed to develop HR Professional’s competencies like: Data Literacy, Critical Thinking and Business Acumen.  

It’s a course but also a framework on which you can rely your HR Analytics Function. Here you will find the list of reports and metrics relevant to a healthy and high performing company. 

about us

Who is behind this project

We are a group of consultants with comprehensive hands-on experience in business transformation. 

A project developed by: Humano 


Razvan Radu - Founder

This is a project very dear dear for me as along my professional career I have personally felt the need of such a resource. At humano we have managed to create it, at first for our use. We want to spare you the struggle of research and share our thoughts based on our extensive HR Analytics Experience. It's a resources with curated content which will grow.

What we do @ humano

1. People Analytics Advisory
2. HR Reporting Automation with Microsoft Power BI
3. Compensation & Benefit Advisory
4. Assessment & Development Centres
5. Employee Surveys & Continuous Feedback Software
6. Open & In-house Courses
7. Recruitment